My (Awesome) Morning Routine, Pt. 2

Apr 23, 2021

 by Brian Friedman

Have you been implementing Block One from my awesome morning routine?

If not, be sure to click here and get started. 

Hopefully, you've been enjoying the feeling of accomplishment, detoxification, and stress relief.

But wait! There's more!

Time permitting, we can take your morning routine to the next level by removing the rust from your hinges, setting the tone for your day (energized or chill), and more. It's easy and it's flexible. 

Shall I show you now?

Block Two

Technically speaking, block two is made up of multiple 5-minute sub-blocks.

If you don't have much time to spare, you can add one sub-block.

If you have a ton of time, you can add as many sub-blocks as you like.

Take Your Pulse

Do this first thing every morning for 14 days (+/-).

This will help you determine your baseline for energy expenditure. In other words, it will help you establish if you should take it easy or if you can push it a little on any given day.

I'm old school. I use an app called Cardiio. But, of course, you can use whichever device you have handy.

Here's what to do:

Sit up tall and relax.

Breathe easily in and out through your nose. If you have trouble with nasal breathing, check out this blog.

After two minutes, take your pulse.

Try not to judge or correct or criticize. Just take your pulse and write it down somewhere.

Once you get a baseline, you'll be able to determine which of the sub-blocks will be appropriate for your morning.

For example, if your baseline is 68 beats per minute (bpm), but this morning, your bpm is 75 ... you should probably take it easy because your stress levels may be up or you may not have recovered from yesterday's activities.

If your baseline is equal to or slightly less than 68 bpm, you may be able to "push it" a little.


Your first 5-minute sub-block.

If you need to "chill" ...

Sit up tall.

Set a metronome for 60 bpm. You can find metronomes online and there are free metronome apps available.

Inhale gently and smoothly through your nose for 4 beats.

Exhale gently and smoothly through your nose for 6 beats.

Repeat until your 5 minutes has expired.

Breathing with this rhythm will help stimulate your "rest and digest" response.

From VeryWellMind, "In effect, if you can get your breathing to leave a stressed state, the rest of the parts of your autonomic nervous system will follow suit, creating a chain reaction that can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and related problems."

If you DON'T need to chill ...

Sit up tall.

Set a metronome for 60 bpm. You can find metronomes online and there are free metronome apps available.

Inhale gently and smoothly through your nose for 4 beats.

Exhale gently and smoothly through your mouth for 4 beats.

Repeat for about one minute.

Now, breathe normally for about one minute.

Repeat both steps for a total of about 5-minutes

Breathing with this rhythm will help safely stimulate your "fight or flight" response. In other words, it's kind of like having a cup of coffee ... without having a cup of coffee.

Take note: get clearance with your doctor when trying any new exercise or breathwork program.

Also, if you feel overwhelmed, go back to breathing normally. You're in control. Take it easy and gradually build up your tolerance. 


Your next 5-minute sub-block.

Simple mobility routines can help increase your circulation, increase muscle tone, improve your mood, and much more.

All you need is some space and some gravity.

Click here to check out one of my morning mobility routines. Use this session when your heart rate is above baseline.

Here's a specialized routine to help with stiff back and hamstrings. Use this session when you feel good and recovered.


Your final 5-minute sub-block.

Save both of these routines for the times you're good to go. Let your morning heart rate be your guide ;)

5-minute upper body routine.

5-minute full-body yoga routine.

Now hit the shower!

Take Action

It can be overwhelming when we try to find an awesome morning routine that actually works ... and is easy to stick to.

A lot of people feel the same way.

But now you've got a routine that is flexible enough to cover all the bases. Breathwork, mobility, and strength are all yours in 5-minute increments.

Plus, you'll know what to do and when because of your morning baseline.

If you're tight on time, choose one sub-block.

If you've got 10 minutes, choose two sub-blocks.

You get the idea :)

And ... you can mix and match based on your goals and based on how you feel each morning.

You've got this!

Brian, Co-Owner, Redefined Yoga Online

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