A Safe and Comfortable Place to Practice Yoga

Winter Garden Yoga was created in 2010.

On one end of the yoga spectrum, Brian (founder, co-owner) came from a very advanced, vigorous yoga practice that was beating up his body.  On the other end of the yoga spectrum, Karen (co-owner) came from the same practice but felt frustrated because she could not keep up with the class and had to skip many poses because of her lack of flexibility.

And in the middle of the yoga spectrum, it was clear that there was a need for every person to get the amazing benefits of yoga ... without a hot room and super-bendy yoga poses.

That's why Brian began studying the body, how it works, and how it moves from a strengthening perspective. Those lessons combined with ideas from physical therapy brought Functional Yoga Instruction (our method of teaching yoga) to life!

And it's helped 1000s of people, just like you, feel the well-known benefits of yoga.

As a result, we created an amazing community found in historic downtown Winter Garden where you will feel welcome and where you can take part in class without judgment.

Our mission is to help you get the benefits of yoga even if you aren’t flexible.

 Unlike other yoga studios that leave you feeling overstretched and lost in the crowd, you will leave Winter Garden Yoga feeling stronger, confident, and part of a like-minded community. 


Our expert instructors follow Winter Garden Yoga’s proven 3-step formula:

  Zero Pain

 Pain is not an option. And, unlike other studios, we don’t use pain as a sign of a good yoga class. We encourage you to be at your own level and skip/modify poses as needed.

   Do It Safely

 You will get greater results and experience yoga in a safe way when you do it right. We give expert, detailed instructions. We watch your alignment, your breathing, and your level of ability. Our top priority is to keep you safe. 

  Muscle Tone

 Using your muscles means you’ll get toned and strong. We focus on moving with your muscles instead of using leverage or gravity, which will get you strong, mobile, and flexible in a safe way. 

"All the yoga poses are always explained and demonstrated in-depth.  I appreciate the time and effort the instructors take to ensure that everyone fully gets it.Try Winter Garden Yoga. You will not regret the decision. With WGY you will not just be another client. You will be a part of the WGY family." ~Linda

"I feel welcomed and accepted in the studio. Phrases like, “Don’t push to pain.” “Your technique is more important than how deep the pose.” “Pat yourself
on the back for showing up for yoga” are giving me more confidence, a better outlook and an ongoing feeling of calm.I’m so thankful for Winter Garden Yoga."~Nell

"You are given a warm personalized welcome. You do not feel like you are just a number. The instructors, as they teach, don't just stay at the front of the class. They walk thru the class and assist the students in doing the poses safely and to give you the benefit of the poses. Highly recommend Winter Garden Yoga --give it try -- you will love it."~Sue

“Best yoga classes I’ve taken. My whole outlook and approach to the practice of yoga has changed. Now I enjoy the process and feel far more confident that I will progress without injury. The instructors are patient and consistent. Do yourself a favor and TRY A 7 Day Unlimited Trial."


Qualification vs. Certification


Let’s face it, anyone can become certified at anything these days. The key ingredient separating a certified instructor from a qualified instructor is experience.

At Winter Garden Yoga, our teachers are experts at what they do.  All of our instructors are certified and trained by Brian Friedman, the founder of Functional Yoga Instruction. This ensures consistency in all our classes … but it allows each teacher to express their unique voice. 

Our teachers are trained to teach how to do each pose with detailed and expert instruction.  All of our instructors also started as students and believed in the practice and its benefits that they wanted to teach it and share it with others.

Don’t fall for the flashy gimmicks of other yoga studios. Trust our experts to give you a genuinely unforgettable yoga experience. 

"Great instruction. Lots of explanations about how poses are supposed to be done so you don't get hurt. Very patient. I never feel embarrassed when I can't get into a pose or have to modify."~Michelle

"I love the atmosphere at Winter Garden Yoga. Their skilled instructors have worked wonders in helping me reduce my chronic pain and improve my mobility and balance. Their functional yoga instruction allows for almost anyone to learn and benefit from this practice. Try it - you’ll love it!" ~Judi

"This is the best yoga studio. All of the instructors are very well trained and they care about each person that walks through the door. It is like one big family. Your body will get stronger and your mind will get calmer."~Margaret

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